Mar 31 2016
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‘’You can become a possibility thinker now if you will only believe in yourself.

Proverbs, Chapter 23, verse 7, – a favorite bible verse of mine:

“For as a person thinks in his heart, so is he.” I’ve tried to summarize that

Bible verse into a little slogan that I think you can remember: The me I see is

the me I’ll be.’’ Robert H. Schuller

Those words shaped my life in no small measure!

Successful people think they’re successful and it’s what makes them successful.

Perspective is everything in life, and the only way to reach success is to move with a successful perspective.

You become what you think and see, and if you don’t see it, and you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Highly successful people take the same steps with the same beliefs. A truly successful person isn’t successful because of his position in life; it doesn’t matter if you’re a janitor or a CEO; your success is defined by how content you are with where you are and the future you see.

Nelson Mandela, Enoch Adeboye, David Oyedepo, David Abioye, Aliko

Dangote, Richard Branson, Tony Elumelu , Steve Jobs, Myles Munroe, Bill

Clinton, Tony Bair, Barack Obama, Peter F Drucker, Mohammed Alli,

Kwame Nkrumah, Walt Disney, and … (your name can be there) all attained worthwhile and durable success as a result of what they saw.

Friends, when you look into your future, what do you see?

Where you presently are, what can you see?

Definitely, the me I see is the me I’ll be.

The quality of life you live isn’t defined by what you own or how high up the ladder you’ve climbed; it is defined by your satisfaction with what you have and what you can see. No matter where you presently are in life, what you see now is what you’ll be next!

You can:

  1. Create your own opportunities
  2. Be the best rather than the first
  3. Serve others over yourself
  4. Believe quality is important at all times
  5. Execute your ideas without further delay
  6. Earn respect through your attitude to everything
  7. Be sure of your place in history through self-determination and encouragements
  8. Believe quitting is the only failure option
  9. See success as more than money
  10. Above all, believe in yourself.

There are no special people in the kingdom, there are only people with special insights, and every child of God have access to special insight, we are all equal before God. (Check it out from the personalities mentioned above)

As a Christian, you are not born again to suffer again, but to Reign again. Your next breakthrough in life is tied to what you see. Do not despair because of your present challenge, there are NO Priceless breakthrough in the world; every Breakthrough is at a cost! So see it first, and then, be willing to pay!

Wake up brother, life is a choice.

Your future is waiting for you.

The Me I see, is the Me I’ll be!



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