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Jan 18 2017
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In October 2011, I was doing self-examination of my body and my breast and I noticed water like fluid was coming out of my left breast. I had my last baby in 2005 so I think is not good to be having water coming out of it. I went to our family hospital and I saw a young doctor. After checking me, he directed me to see his medical director who is a gynecologist. He checked me and said nothing was wrong with me. So far, the water like fluid was colorless.....

May 2012, I went back to complain that my left hand and side were a little uncomfortable for me. The doctor checked me and told me to see a surgeon to be double sure nothing was wrong. I saw the surgeon; he examined my left breast and told me nothing was wrong with me. He gave me antibiotics. I went back after two weeks to complain but he told me I’m just worrying for nothing. He told me to put my mind off it that nothing is wrong with me. He told me that my bra seems tight. I changed to a bigger size the next day because I wanted to be comfortable.

I made up my mind that after collecting my salary in November, I will go to diagnostic center and do thorough checking. That same week, I saw a text from my fellowship, Holy Ghost Sisters fellowship informing me to go for breast cancer awareness program at Adeniyi Jones. I went for the test and it was discovered was a tiny lump in my left breast. I took the report to the hospital and I was told to go and do a mammogram.

From there, the battle for my life started. I was referred to one of the biggest hospitals in Lagos. The surgeon told me that the lump should be removed immediately. I did all the test for preparation for the operation but God’s thought for me is different and from that day one of this battle, I see God in every step. My husband discussed it with a doctor and he said there is a doctor who is good in the area of breasts, we should con­sult him before any operation. I went to see the doctor on the same day that I should have gone for the operation.

The doctor examined me and he did fine needle test of the lump and behold cancer cells was found in it. When I heard the result, I was afraid. I thought the end had come but later I summoned courage and since I know there is nothing impossible with God. My husband asked the doctor, “how do we know how the extent of the damage.” The doctor told us the machine that can be used is not in Nigeria. The clos­est is Southern Africa, India. My husband decided that I should go to India though we do not have the kind of money needed for the treatment but the God that brought out money from the fish showed up.

I had a dream before I left that armed robbers entered the compound where I was, they wanted to enter my room but they were unable because I resisted but entered the two other rooms in the same house. I understood the meaning later because in the guest house where I stayed, we were three Nigerians in three different rooms. I am the only one alive today to the glory of God.

I saw God at work in every stage of the treatment. The bible says when the enemy comes in like a flood; the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him. I went through eleven hours operation. The opera­tion started at 10:30am and I was taken to the I.C.U (intensive care unit) at 11:00 pm. Many confessed that they did not know I will survive it. I thank God I did survive it. It took eight doses of chemotherapy. It was a deadly substance on its own. In stood on the word of God which says “and these signs shall follow them that believe…..if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them”. God really proved himself.

I met one of my daddy in the Lord, Pastor Olatunji who took me on a series of teaching from the word of God and my life was never the same. Fear disappeared, I saw what God did for me on the cross of Calvary, he taught me to keep confessing the word of God that what I don’t declare, I don’t see and what I don’t see, I cannot become. He told me that the word of God should be my final author­ity.

I thank God for those who stood in the gap for and with me, my family, my siblings, my wonderful friends, my church members, my fellowship leaders, Mummy Radex and Mummy Adesola. God bless you all. I thank God I am free from this deadly disease.