Saved by Mercy, Preserved by Grace

Jan 18 2017
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As a child, my mummy would always admonish me and my siblings to study hard. She would say if she had had our kind of opportunities she would have gone to school. She would tell us how she was deprived of quality education because her father died when she was 3 years old. She would tell us that her father was just 34 years old when he died. As a little girl of about 5 years old then, her stories meant nothing to me but then I have never forgotten those stories; probably because......

now that i am grown up, I appreciate one of the gifts God has bestowed upon me-the gift of remembering dates and time almost distinctively. I remember dates, events, birthdays etc. effortlessly. I recognize this to be a gift from God and I know it’s for a purpose.

When my mum turned 34 and my younger brother was 3, she died. I was 9 when she died but as young as I was then, I could reconcile the dates but I couldn’t voice my fears to any one because it wouldn’t have made any sense to them back then anyway.

My mum left 4 of us. I was the third child.

16 years later, my immediate elder sister died though at the age of 28, but I was conscious of the fact that it was untimely. I actually saw it happen two weeks after her wedding and I told her. We both prayed against it but then, 7 months after I had that revelation, she died. Then I had another revelation. I saw my 2 other siblings and me in a car. Someone I recognized and who was dead then came to meet me and said to me; “do you think you are the rescuer of your family?” and I answered “yes, I am the rescuer of my family and that I would save them all”, so I drove off with everyone intact and I woke up from that dream.

2 years after she died, my eldest brother turned 34 and he had a daugh­ter who was 3, then he died.

4 years after he died, I turned 31 and I had a baby boy. Then I developed high blood pressure.

My mum died on a Sunday at the age of 34 and she left a son who was 3. My brother died on a Sunday at the age of 34 and he left a daughter who was 3. My elder sister died at the age of 28 during child birth – she was going to have a baby boy but they both didn’t survive. If you’ve been following my sto­ry clearly, it means that when I would turn 34, my son would be 3. Also, wor­thy of note is the fact that when some­one died, he would leave behind a 3 year old child of the opposite sex.

Now I need to let you know that I was born into an Islamic practicing fam­ily but when I was 19years old, I gave my life to Jesus; so I knew that I have been saved by mercy and by grace. I knew that old things have passed away; I knew I am a new creation in Christ Jesus. I knew that for my sake Christ was hung on the cross and that I have been set free. I knew I have been bought and redeemed by the blood of the lamb nonetheless, I was scared and I used to cleverly tell my husband where I kept my wedding gown because my late sister was buried in her wedding gown when she died.

God turned my family history from negative to positive. When I turned 33, I spoke to some of my Christian mentors and friends about my fears and how I would like them to always remember me in prayers. I told my husband too and we would always agree in prayer against untimely death. I remember on one oc­casion when my husband attended the christening of one of his friend’s baby, the man of God who conducted the ser­vice who prior to that time, didn’t know my husband, walked up to him and told him that his wife-me, would not die but live contrary to the enemy’s arrange­ment.

When I developed high blood pressure, I was placed on some anti-hypertensive medications so I decided to stop taking the medications because I wanted all the glory to go to my God. My doctor didn’t think it was a good idea for me to do that but then, I was convinced in my heart and I stopped contrary to her opinion. I said to God; “now it’s up to You to honour Your word in my life. Make me live and I will testify to the glory of your name”. I began to walk in the knowledge of who I am in Christ Jesus and God gave me victory over the curse of untimely death.

When I turned 34 and my son turned 3. The battle was fierce. The enemy attacked my health, my home and my thoughts but I refused to give in to him. I knew it was all a lie and that in Christ Jesus, I have total victory.

Two weeks before my 35th birthday, I was in a gathering of praying women and I was led to give this testimony even though the devil was telling me it was not true yet, that I have not seen the day so why give a false testimony but I ignored him and shared. Two days later, I was in a dream and I saw my late sister. She told me she had come to take me out, so I followed her. We found ourselves at Berger bus stop in Ojodu, Lagos. She said we should go towards the right but I said I wanted to get to Redemption camp before going with her. She said she cannot enter Redemption camp and as such, she will have to part ways with me. Then I woke up.

Instantly, I knew that I’ve been delivered from the curse of untimely death.

And suddenly, everything turned around for me. Instead of losing my life, God gave me my dream job, restored my health, restored my home, and gave me the kind of peace I can never compre­hend.

To cap my testimony, on Easter Sunday of 2012, I turned 35.

When Christ arose, I arose.

Hallelujah He arose, oh yes oh yes

The prince of peace arose.

The one who has the keys of death and life arose and I arose.

I proclaim it to the whole world this day that the covenant keeping God whom I serve opened my grave and brought me out.

Praise the Lord with me, Hallelujah.