May 20 2017
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Psalm 105:14-15

He suffered no man to do them wrong, yea, he reproved Kings for their sakes; saying, touch not mine Anointed and do my Prophets no harm.

Job 5:19-20

He shall deliver thee in six troubles; yea, in seven there shall no evil touch you.

To the glory of God, who in His pleasure redeemed me from untimely deaths from various arrows of the enemies. I make bold to say that the above scriptures indeed have proven the faithfulness of God in my life.

The four episodes of death which were unable to locate me are the basis of my following TESTIMONIES:

ONE: It was 1988. I had just been married for less than a year, and our first born was still in the womb. My wife, her two siblings and myself decided to go visit my Father-in-law at Atakumasha Local Government, Osun State. We met him and his brother with whom he shared a large farmland inherited from their Father. For three days we went round the farmland innocently looking to the future of such heritage. Then some months later, we learnt that my Father’s-in-law brother had passed on after a sudden sickness when all efforts to treat him locally (with herbs) proved abortive.  We were told that he would urinate and defecate on himself, and at a point while in the house of the traditional healer, the herbalist confessed that he was forbidden from administering help to him.

Shortly after that, he died and the family pointed accusing fingers at my Father-in-law, as the one responsible for his death. In a bid to unravel the mysterious hand behind his death, the family proceeded to Ile-Ife to consult an occult mirror, where the dead man’s spirit was summoned from the mirror to enquire who was responsible for his death.  My In-law recounted to us that the dead man had informed them that he killed himself, because he was angry seeing me around the farm with my wife, and her siblings, and decided to terminate my life (which was in Christ’s hand).  So, for him, the arrow of death he fired at me returned to him and killed him instead.

TWO: It was 1994. I was in Abak, Akwa Ibom State. One Saturday morning, my neighbour, a police Inspector, called me out announcing that it was a sanitation day, and that I should come out and clean the compound, to which I responded that my church members do clean the compound, and that it did not have to be sanitation before the compound was cleaned.  He became furious, raising his voice and threatening me.  At this time, my wife came out and had some altercations with him. He became more furious, went inside his apartment and brought out a very long machete, threatening to kill me.  His wife and children then held him and shouted to me, “Pastor, run, run, our father will deal with you”, to which I responded that if he lifted his hand on me, he would not live.

The man then pointed his hand boisterously at me, saying I should go and consult my God and that he will go and consult his own god, too, and that “we shall see” (in his words). To me, I was just looking at the madness of a carnal man and thought everything had ended at that.  Five days later, I was returning home when I heard a large crowd of mourners in the compound. I enquired about what had happened, and I was told that the Inspector had died.  He apparently went to consult his god with an evil intention to eliminate God’s anointed Servant; a servant who was sent to show his community the love of Christ.

The messenger of death went back to him; and when it was glaring he was going to die from the two days sudden sickness, he told his family members to take him to his church for prayers, that he has touched the anointed of God.  On their way to the church in the car, death took the man away because it could not get to the one it was sent to.

THREE: 3.00pm on a sunny day in 1995. I was on my bed, and my children had just returned from school.  Suddenly, I heard my children shouting “Satan landlord has come o!”  My landlord, a Pastor, came with a machete saying he must cut off my head that afternoon.  So, I came out and said, “Ime, if you lift your hand up, it will stand in the air”.  So he ran back and put the machete in his car.  Our neighbours gathered to know why a landlord who was also a Pastor will raise a machete on another Pastor, his tenant.  He then announced that he did not want me in his house any longer. Later, we met and agreed that he would refund to me 3 months balance of my rent before I would vacate his house which he did but after his official quit notice, I could not immediately get another house so I went to him saying that I could not get another house yet, and that I needed more time. The following week after my plea, he served me with a court summons saying that I occupied his house illegally, and claiming N10 million for damages.

While I was preaching the following Sunday morning, a messenger called death came in followed by my landlord; suddenly I was cut into two (in an open vision).  At that point, I put the microphone on the pulpit and walked out from the church to a kiosk opposite the church.  I bought a bottle of coke and after drinking, I started sweating profoundly. I then walked back to the pulpit, took the microphone and completed my message.  No member of the church stood up or asked me what had happened.  It was the following Sunday that I shared the testimony of my encounter, and the church went wild praising the Lord.  Death was conquered by Christ on my behalf.  We later parked out of the house and the landlord came to my house with gifts to beg my children to stop calling him Satan landlord.

FOUR: In 1996 I relocated to Lagos from Akwa Ibom State.  Then in 1997 I was dreaming almost every night how a gun was aimed at me. The gun would go off loudly but with no effect on me. At some point in the dream, when the gun would be fired at me, I would hold my children tightly, trying to shield them with my body from the bullets.  This particular dream persisted for almost three months, and I would wake up thinking and asking myself what was happening.  I had no idea, and also in the dream, the carrier of the gun always appeared in shadow form, so I could not discern who the person was.

One day, I called Pastors around me to prayers. While the prayer was going on, a man of God who was invited to the prayer meeting by another person stood up and pointed at me saying “your In-law said you must die this year (1998), but God said I should tell you that you have been faithful to Him so, He has given you victory.  At this point of the prophesy, I had not shared my dream of the gun shooting with anybody, and did not mention it as a prayer point either; but with the prophesy I then understood the mystery of my dreams and the shadow figure.  I say this to the glory of God, that none of my attackers, Pastor-landlord or evil In-law is alive as at the time of writing this testimony.

This is the reason I constantly affirm that for me to live is Christ, and I must live to glorify Him; to do His will. To enforce His authority in the volume of the anointing of the Holy Spirit and to announce to the world that JESUS gives life now and in eternity.  Do you want security, victory, and ALL the heritage of Grace, then YOU MUST BE IN CHRIST JESUS!

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