May 19 2017
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I got married in 2012. Marriage has been a learning process for me. You know when two people from different backgrounds come together as husband and wife, it isn’t like what they’ve been used to… there has been a lot of challenges but God has been faithful and we keep overcoming as they come. The Holy Spirit has been my sufficiency! He helps me to make good decisions; I engage Him a lot.


I gave my life to God back at the university even though I could safely say it was while I was in secondary school but I was always ‘taking’ it back then, you know, when knowledge wasn’t sufficient but fully, I came to better understanding of what it means to be a child of God in my university days, and chose to follow Christ without looking back again; He has been my God ever since then.


Like I said, we got married in 2012. And once you get married, people around you will consciously or otherwise begin to count the months for you. It wasn’t like anyone was deliberately troubling us but you know, when they visited, one will hear prayers that tend towards conception and one will be like, “Oh, Lord!”

Initially, when we newly got married, my husband wanted us to delay conception for six months so that we could first get some level of comfort however, with the first six months gone and conception not happening, I became concerned and started to pray.

Some of my friends who got married after me were having children already and even though I was happy for them, I was bothered about my own state. There was even a particular one I was instrumental to his settling down because he was optimistic about the institution of marriage but I encouraged him to settle down and that very year, his wife put to bed.

Whenever I saw a pregnant woman or a woman carrying a baby, I would ask God, “When will it be my turn?”

It was not an easy period for me so sometimes; I would deliberately not attend functions because I did not want to hear those ‘prayers’. I would also always question myself perhaps I had done something in the past that was affecting me now.

I thank God for some of the people who encouraged and prayed for me.

There were different suggestions from different people. I remember I followed someone to his ‘church’- a very far place. They were having a 3-days programme at their camp ground. The pastor prayed for me and was even using his ‘AMURE’ to beat me while he prayed for me. After the prayers, the man asked me to give him some money; I think five or was it ten thousand naira to do something for me. I was so angry with myself for being desperate enough to go to a place like that. That was the last time the man saw me!

What if he had given me the ‘something’?! What if I had become pregnant through that means?! Would I have survived all I went through?!

In all of these, my husband was calm! I remember on one occasion that my menstrual flow started in the office, I was very sad and I cried home. When he found out why I was crying, he said to me, “In this house, only tears of joy is permitted! Look up to God and put your trust in Him”

The kind of people you surround yourself with when you are going through any particular challenge is very important. In all of it, I had positive thinking people all around me. People who helped build my faith in God.

In January 2015, I read a testimony in Diadem Christian Magazine about a woman whom God gave double and I remembered telling the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine to reserve space for my own testimony which should be titled as part two. (Laughs)

From then, many things began to align.

There was a day we were having devotion at home and my husband was teaching about faith. He asked me what step of faith I had taken concerning what I was believing God for so that day, on my way home from work, I bought a baby spoon with the last money on me, and when I got home, I put it in our prayer corner as an evidence of my faith and I asked God to prove Himself.

I also learnt that one of my colleagues on Diadem Christian Magazine team who had gone to interview Pastor Wole Oladiyun of CLAM was given a drink by the man of God. He had actually taken a sip from the bottle before giving it to my colleague so I asked that he should let me take a sip but alas, the guy had finished the drink before I got to him.

Nevertheless, I collected the empty bottle from him and told God that if indeed this man is Your son; if indeed You called him, You must answer me this year. That was in March, 2015.

I started using the bottle to drink water at work and every time I was doing so, I would challenge God to prove Himself in my case.

The irony of it was that one day, I was looking for that bottle and the editor-in-Chief of Diadem said to me, “That bottle has done its work so stop looking for it.”

Before then, I had done some tests and this particular day, we were going for some more tests. On our way there, we stopped to see one of our pastors who God used to encourage us the more. He told us about things God had shown him concerning our situation. He said to us, “If God is not leading you to do anything, then don’t do it. Don’t start paying for what you are not supposed to be paying for.”

We then decided not to go for the test anymore, and when anyone asked us if we had run every medical test to certify our fertility, we told them “Yes! We had.”

Then I started to experience pains in my stomach. I had earlier done series of pelvic scan and nothing was ever found amiss so I had to go back to the hospital because of the pains I was experiencing.

While the scan was going on, my elder sister who is a doctor and who was there with me said, “Wow! I can see she’s pregnant but I also see fibroid.” I didn’t even know I was pregnant.

I ignored the fibroid part and just held on to the good news that I was pregnant. I was very happy but I wondered how the fibroid was not seen until then.

It was a huge battle all through pregnancy! I was on medication because the pain was excruciating but my baby held on to life; she was and still is, a fighter.

When I was about seven months gone, I was placed on admission for like a week. I was told I would have to go through CS to give birth because I wouldn’t be able to birth my baby naturally but again, God proved Himself faithful.

Every time I went for ante-natal care, I would always come back with one bad report or the other, and at such times, my husband would negate those reports and confess what the word of the Lord say about me and my condition.

Once when I was on admission, my baby was in a transverse position so I made a photocopy of the scan result and gave it to my husband when he came to the hospital.

He told me not to worry and when he got home, he said he tore the report and threw it in the dustbin. Do you know that that very night, my baby turned and by the time I did another scan, she was in the right position. I knew that that wasn’t natural, it was God!

Before then, I did not know the gender of my baby because the fibroid was disturbing her but I would nonetheless speak to her every day. I kept telling her to be strong, and to keep fighting. My baby actually heard all I said to her and she fought really hard. It was not until two weeks before I gave birth that I knew I was expecting a baby girl.

My doctor was amazed. He would always say he knows my husband and I would never believe any report contrary to the word of God and he saw God come through for us. I had my daughter naturally!

That was when the real battle began!

I had my daughter in January, 2016, and a week after the christening; I started having serious stomach pains so my doctor asked that I went for a scan. During pregnancy, the scan showed two fibroids in two different places but after I gave birth, the scan I did showed fibroids in five places.

Drugs were prescribed for me to take but the drugs were not effective. Sometimes the pain would start around 8am and last till about 6p.m in the evening; I was also bleeding heavily.

After some weeks, I was taken back into the hospital and my doctor advised that the fibroid be removed through surgery.

Before the surgery was done, I had been placed on admission for about a week and I was scared for so many reasons but God again raised help for us from every corner we turned.

The fibroid was inside the womb so the healing was to be both internal and external and I was going in and out of the hospital- if I got discharged today, I would be back two days later. It was a really trying period for me but all through, God really brought help for me; people stood in gap for me, people were praying for me round the clock and God was involved.

The surgery was eventually done and the fibroids were successfully evacuated but I was still very sick. Nothing stayed in my tummy. Every time I ate or drank, I would throw it all up and I would be in severe pain. I was taken in and out of the hospital on many occasions. I was so weak! I kept asking, “God! Is this how I will die?”

It is not something I can explain; I cannot really put words together to express what I went through but in all of it, God was with me.

I want to thank God that I am alive today and that I am the one sharing my testimony by myself.

How do I explain it?! How do I explain the period of trusting God for conception, the actual conception which was a battle in itself and the miraculous delivery of the baby if God was not involved?! How do I explain giving birth in January and being sick all through January, February, and March until April?!

If you have sound health, if you had a sickness-free pregnancy and delivery experience, if you sleep and wake up hale and hearty, if you wake up and you see the light of the day, if you have food to eat or not, if you have money in your pocket or not, in whatever position you find yourself, give thanks to God because life is a gift; a rare one at that.

Every morning I see I say, “Lord, thank You for making me see another day, it is not a right but a great privilege that You have given to me, thank You, Lord!”



Whatever you may be going through, first of all, ensure you keep the faith; it’s important. Secondly, surround yourself with positive thinking people- spiritually positive people who can always stand in the gap for you; people that you can rely on, persons who have got your back, and not people who will ‘joyfully’ destroy you.

Surround yourself with real people and for you to know them, you need the help of the Holy Spirit. Surround yourself with people who can help your faith to be strong and hold on to God.

God is a covenant keeping God. Whatever He says He will do, believe Him, He can do it and He will do it.

You can’t sit on the fence and ask for God’s help. If you are for God, be for God! In whatever situation you find yourself, whatever the challenges may be, you must trust God to sort you out; He is that faithful!

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