May 19 2017
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I am John Kome. I am a Nigerian from Delta State but born in Ijebu, Ogun State. My father was an Anglican pastor. He wanted God to give him a son as a preacher who would take over the ministry from him because he had only daughters and God answered him by giving me to him.

My mother had terrible pregnancy challenges when she was pregnant with me. According to her, her earlier pregnancies were not as difficult as mine. While pregnant with me, she was always fainting and going into coma.

My father who was an Anglican pastor prayed and fasted continuously so one day, while he was out on his missionary work, my mother decided to visit an herbalist for remedy.

The man told her that the baby in her womb was an ‘Ifa’ priest and there was nothing that could be done about that. He asked her to settle ‘Ifa’ if she wanted to have a safe delivery so she secretly took a fowl to the ‘Ifa’ priest and immediately my father came back, because he was an anointed preacher, he told my mother God had shown him what she did and he sent her out of the house.

My mother said she ran to this British Anglican priest for help. It was he who now told her that the child in her womb was a boy and he will be a man of God. There was no need for a competition, the greatest One got me!

By the time I was four months old, my mother had started her business of selling ‘garri’ so she would come to Lagos to sell; carrying me along.

The people at the market rejoiced with her for having a son and they took turns to carry me until I became weak and so, she was advised to lay me by the bag of garri so I could rest.

While they were pulling the bags of garri all over, no one noticed when the bags fell on me so when my mother came for me, I was nowhere to be found; and nobody seemed to be able to recollect who held me last. My mother said she was scared and as she started to wail, the other market women joined her to look for me going from stall to stall. She told me that after about twenty minutes of frantic search, someone advised that they checked where the bags were and that was how I was found, alive and wide awake.

My mother told me that immediately she saw my legs, she was scared to see a ‘dead’ me so she took off her wrapper and started running naked towards the lagoon before she was stopped.

My father was a very powerful Anglican evangelist in those days, so I was born into the church, but even though I was born by a pastor into the church, I was born a sinner because in sin did my mother conceive me but some time when I was 7years old, Jesus appeared to me physically! It wasn’t in the dream, it was not in a trance, it was a physical appearance; just the way you are looking at me now, that’s how I saw Jesus Christ. He was glorious! I can still remember that encounter vividly. It will never leave my memory. He was very gorgeous. His eyes and hair were like flames of fire. He looked very calm; beautiful, He really was the Lamb of God.

At 7 years, that sight would have scared anyone and such a person would have run for his dear life but I can never understand what He did, perhaps, He removed fear from me. I smiled at Him, and He told me, “Go on a message for me.”

Anyways, I was used to going on errands for my parents so when He said I should go on an errand for Him, it didn’t sound unusual. I expected Him to give me money and to tell me what I would buy for Him but He handed a bible to me. I told Him that when my parents send me on errand, they used to give me money and not bible. I told Him that bible is what my father used in talking to people in the church so He smiled at me and said I should use the Bible.

Well, my father though Anglican, took snuffs, and I remember he would have tears in his eyes when he took it and I would be asking him who was beating him and why he was crying. He would just laugh at me and tell me it was “Taba (Tobacco).”

So when Jesus gave me the Bible, I asked Him if He wanted me to buy tobacco for Him. He smiled at me and said “Buy me that one.” When I turned to look at what He had asked me to buy for Him, I saw a very large crowd of people; all of different race and tribe. “I should use the Bible to buy them for you!?” I was scared! I turned to get a confirmation from Him but He had disappeared. A dread I could not explain overwhelmed me, and then I started running. As I ran, I fell, got up and kept running until I got home. According to my mother, my parents knew something had happened to me because they couldn’t explain the kind of glory that was upon me. She said they were scared to come close to me. I did tell them what had happened to me and my father was happy; he knew I had gotten the call.

Where were you when you had this encounter? And were you alone?

I was coming back home from the school. I was in primary school then. My two elder sisters would normally hold my hands when we close from school and we would go home together. My father had shot at one of them before for touching me saying he looked for a male child for long and could not understand why anyone would lay a finger on his precious son. My sister survived that encounter and they both knew better than to toy with me but because Jesus Christ wanted to talk to me, He made them forget me behind; it was in a forest in Ijebu land.

When I was eleven years old, He appeared to me again, but this time, I had become a terrible young man in the army barracks. My grandfather wasn’t a Christian, he was very diabolical and he had put so much evil powers in me so I was really dreadful. I was a terror in the barracks- Tenfon Cathedral Nigerian Army, Gboko, Benue State. So He appeared to me again in the barracks and said to me, “This is not where you are supposed to be. Go and do the job!”

I was living in the barracks as a little boy and I was attending the Army children school. I was very terrible. When I committed the last crime, they flogged me until I was certified dead by a medical doctor but as they were taking my ‘corpse’ to discard into the dungeon with a truck used for timber, I shook my head and the driver of the truck left the steering, jumped out of the truck and the truck with me in it was going to fall into the dungeon. My whole body was oily because I had been flogged by the soldiers till it peeled. They flogged me until I gave up the ghost, but because God really want me to do His work, I opened my eyes and I fell on the ground.

What did you do to warrant that?

I was very terrible in the barracks. I stole, destroy things and then, due to the evil powers my late grandfather put in me, I would vanish after committing those crimes.

I was doing those satanic works; I beat the wife of a major once and before they could lay their hands on me, I had vanished. I used to be very dreadful…

How old were you then?

I was less than fifteen years old then.

I was staying with my uncle who was the ADC to Adekunle Fajuyi during the war. He was my father’s brother; he was also the ADC to the Scorpion.

When he brought me to the barracks, he too fortified me so I wasn’t afraid of gun because it couldn’t penetrate me in those days. Cutlass and knife couldn’t penetrate me too but God must have been looking at me saying, “There is an appointed time for you.”

And Even though Jesus appeared to me on those two occasions, I was still not born again. It wasn’t until some years later- l think I was fifteen then and I was in the then Bendel State, that I met Jesus Christ at the scripture union.

Was there any form of deliverance for you when you became born again?

When the anointing of the Holy Spirit falls on you, the spirit of the devil leaves you!

The day the Holy Spirit comes in, devil goes out but that does not stop a man of God from doing deliverance all the time because even though you are the greatest man of God; deliverer of other people, there are ancestral problems to tackle.

I used to be a man with anger even as I’m preaching, doing miracle, healing the sick, the dead are rising in my programme, yet the anger was still there. One of the greatest men of God on earth in those days was A.A Allen.

When he died, through autopsy, they discovered alcohol in his blood as a result of the drunkenness that was in his lineage. Kathryn Khulmar, one of the greatest women that ever lived died of breast cancer. This was the Kathryn Khulmar at whose crusade cancers got healed so even though we are great men and women of God, we still need to deal with all those things that disturb our family, those spirit, those ancestral problems, you know, we need to cut our selves off from them and not just once, it’s a daily affair. Salvation is daily, so deliverance should be daily.

I used to be a temperamental human being, even now, sometimes when the ‘thing’ surfaces, my children will say to me, “Daddy if a man be in Christ…” And I will respond, “He’s a new creation!”

I have heard a pastor say that once you have crossed to the lineage of Christ by being born again, ancestral curses can no longer have effect on you. He says you now belong to a new family so there shouldn’t be anything like ancestral issues with you anymore. What do you think about that?

Tell that pastor to go and read the scriptures very well! Let me tell you, the bible said that Elisha was sick of his sickness and he died (2Kings 13:14). Elisha was sick of his sickness and he died, meaning that thing was with him, maybe it was diabetes he had been carrying all along …

Elisha was before Jesus came…

Listen to me, Apostle Paul had a problem (2Corinthians 12: 8-9), I don’t know what it was but he said, “Three times I pleaded with the Lord…”

Tell that preacher to read his bible very well. The fact that we are preachers, we stand on the pulpit, and we exercise authority does not mean everything we say is from God. No! No preacher will know everything about God until we see Him face to face that is when we will now know everything. So, preachers should be very careful how they become authority, even though you are the mouth piece of God. Apostle Paul will always say, “This one said I not the Lord…” (1Corinthians 7:12) so preachers should learn to admit when it is from their perception, and not make it sound like authority from God.

If it is your perception, let it be your perception, if it’s of God, it should be written in the bible and we should be very careful how we interpret the bible to suit our own understanding of God.

You are a pastor and also an entrepreneur. How do you combine both?

This is a question a lot of people often ask me. In fact, I’ve been criticized severally on television, radio, and at different fora all over this country. As I travel round the world, it’s only in Nigeria and African Countries amongst the blacks that I have been asked such a question.

I will also like to ask a question. Amongst all the preachers of the gospel in the Bible, which one touched the gospel more?

Perhaps Apostle Paul

Yes! Apostle Paul, thank you! And are you aware that Apostle Paul was a tent maker?

What is a tent in those days compared to now? A tent was a building then, so Apostle Paul was an engineer. Apostle Paul can also be called a lawyer. When you read about the scenario that happened between him and Felix towards the end of his life when he had to deal with the Jews, the Romans, you will discover that he was a lawyer because he spoke so much; he was a learned gentle man.

In other words, he was a lawyer, he was a tent maker, he was in business and he was an Apostle.

How do I know he was in business? Apart from the fact that the Bible said that he was a tent maker, Apostle Paul did say in several fora that with his hand, he made money to support his missionary job, that he never defrauded any man, that his hand produced his money, meaning, he was making money from his business to support the gospel, exactly what John Kome has been doing over the years. I’ve been doing business and I’m using the money I am making from the business to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ round the entire world, so whoever wants to criticize me for being a pastor and an entrepreneur…, some say when you are pursuing money, you will not be devoted to the work of God, it’s a pure lie!

Devotion is all about the heart and how you can manage your time. There is time for everything; when it’s time for me to fast and pray, I switch off my phones and no one would be able to reach me; such a time is strictly for me with the Lord. When I’m alone with God, business, family, etc. are cut off. And when it’s time for business, I will face it squarely. I do not preach, fast or pray 24/7. The time some pastors will spend reading newspapers, talking to friends, playing games is the time I use for my business. I create 10% of my time for business and 90% for God. So if Apostle Paul could do it, I can do it too!

In Nigeria today, Bishop David Oyedepo is a business man and yet, I have not seen any Nigerian pastor that has touched the gospel like him.

Pastor Adeboye has investments, too. Is there any pastor that will tell me he is working more than Daddy G.O? So it is all about this lazy mindset of Christians that makes pastors to say they are on full-time, and then become a burden to the church.

Many of them starts stealing from the church saying, “where man dey work, na there he dey chop.” They are all going to give account to God.

I don’t have a problem with full-time pastor if you are given grace for it but if God graces you to do something along with ministry, then do it!

What makes Redeemed Christian Church of God the largest church on earth today is not because the General Overseer prays more than everybody else, rather, it is because he has great business initiatives; he is a great man of God.

He understands that those Christians who are professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers etc. can use their money to preach the gospel so he gave every one of them opportunity to go through pastoral trainings, and they begin to open branches of the Redeemed Christian Church of God with their personal money.

If you are a man of God and you have grace to do something to earn money to support the ministry, do it. There’s nothing wrong with the pastor being the highest donor in church. A pastor should not be a financial burden to the income of the church.

To cope with both worlds, I put everything in proper perspective.

Again, I don’t run all my businesses by myself. I work with teams, I look for the best people in the fields of my businesses and I put them to manage them, with my support.

A young man who is a pastor told his fiancé that he’s been called into full-time ministry? What do you say to that?

You see, so many young ladies are missing their real life partners because of issues like this. A young man comes to a lady and says, “God has called me into full-time ministry.” But because the young lady has seen some full-time pastors suffering, she would reject the young man’s proposal. Hmm! Many marriages ordained by God never came to be because of this sentiment.

People perish for lack of knowledge. Now, let me repeat myself! There are pastors with full-time calling from God. If you are called by God full time and one, two, three, four, five, twenty years you are still suffering, YOU ARE A LIAR! Nobody can make God a liar because when God calls, He provides, when God gives a vision, He gives the visuals, and the visuals here is all it takes to make the vision actualized.

When you see a pastor that says God call me and then one, two, three… he’s begging for food, can God call a man and make that His servant a disgrace to Him?

When a pastor is stealing church money, when a pastor is dipping hand in church money or a pastor is begging from house to house and he is saying, “Well why I came to you to help me with ‘garri’ is because God called me.” Do you know what I will tell that pastor? I will tell him that the god that called him is not capable. Do you know what Moses told God? God If you remove your hand because of the disobedience of these people and you allow our enemies to deal with us, they will say it’s because God doesn’t have enough power and resources to take care of the Israelites that He killed them in the wilderness.” God saw wisdom in what Moses said and do you know what God did? He released quails, and He released manna to show both Moses and the Israelites and the whole nations that He is Jehovah Jireh.

If God calls you full time, He has the ability to provide for you and that is not to say that God will not test you. God can test you but for God to test you for twenty, thirty years, all your life you die poor because God called you, I am afraid to ask, is His glory a part of that call?!

You see, so many of such pastors are like that because they are lazy mentally. They are looking up to the church to take care of their needs so they just use full time call of God to cover up. Quote me right, God call people full time. It is not every pastor that is called to be business entrepreneur. Let me state that so that your readers will not read my testimony and run into business when God has not asked them to do so or when their ability cannot carry it. God created us in His own image to creatively do what we can do. Enough of saying God tells you to do everything you are doing, it’s not everything we say that God said; He gave us minds. Most of the things we attribute to God are as a result of the fact that God gave us the initiative to do them, so when we do them because of God’s nature in us; we give the glory back to God. Somebody will say God spoke to me directly, God does not speak to everybody directly all the time, we say God said this, God did this for me because we use God’s given grace in our life or initiative in our lives, so I don’t believe that and I want to say to all young sisters there, if your fiancé is lazy, you will know and when he uses bible or ministry or call to cover up his laziness; mental laziness, I want that lady not to run away from that guy but let that lady sit that fiancé down and talk sense into his ears and mind, so that if he’s an engineer, if he’s a doctor, if he’s a lawyer, he should not throw away his profession, he should use his profession to make money until the ministry; the demand of the ministry will tell him to drop everything and face the ministry.

How is married life?

Great! I’ve been married for twenty-two years now and I can tell you marriage has been amazing. Marriage is beautiful when you meet the right man, when you meet the right woman, marriage is beautiful. Marriage is what every human being should dream about but it must be based on love and not infatuation. If it is based on infatuation, rather than enjoy it, you will endure it.

For Hope and me, by the way my wife is Hope Kome. Hope is more of my friend than a wife. You see, God is a good match-maker. I am the extrovert- the outgoing, aggressive and temperamental one while she is the opposite- quiet, and easy going. Now, that doesn’t mean we have not had some marital crisis and most of those came from me because I’m the aggressive Niger Delta pastor who is always talking terrible things on air against the non-performing government and she will always say to me, “I don’t want to be a widow o.” And I will say, “Na lie! Government cannot kill me, am I not saying the truth? At times, she will want to stop me from granting those interviews but I would still go ahead. Apart from all this little, little stubbornness of mine, marriage has been very wonderful. We have three beautiful girls and a boy and we’re all friends. You need to come to our house; you will enjoy Christian family. We give God all the glory. I also thank God for right communication in marriage.

You just said we need to visit your home to see a Christian family. What makes a Christian family?

We read and practice what the bible says. If you practice what you read in the bible, you will find it difficult to do contrary to what you teach your children. We are all friends. We give our children the privilege to talk to us when we are wrong and we apologize for our errors when they point them out to us. Do you know that saying “I am sorry” to children when you are wrong is the best way to train them. A Christian family is about practicing what you read in the bible and when you fail at it, don’t be ashamed or afraid or egocentric to admit that you missed it. It is only when you own up that God and man can help you. I believe Christian living is simple if people can own up to their wrongs, their sins, and their weaknesses.

Closing Remark

God is God! It doesn’t matter how sick you are, God will heal you, and all you need is faith. I’ve come from death to life several times. In the ministry, God has used me to raise the dead, I have seen the cripple walk, I have seen the blind see, but we don’t mention all these things because they are part of the Christian ministry. Once you are a preacher, whether you’re a pastor or not, if you are preaching the gospel, you lay hands on the blind, they will see. Now, as a pastor, you must never think you are a super human being the moment God starts using you to raise the dead. The only people who cannot do miracle are people who are not doing evangelism; those that are not preaching the gospel. Mark 16:15-18 talks about the signs that shall follow them that believe and especially when you’re preaching the gospel, if you lay hand on the sick, they will recover. Miracle is a way of life to every Christian.

The day I stop praying for people and they stop receiving miracle, that’s the day I know that I am out of the will of God or Jesus is no more alive but if Jesus is alive, testimony should be part of our daily walk with God.

Thank you for your time, sir.

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