May 19 2017
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My name is David Elo. I am from Isoko, Delta State. I was born in Sapele, and I had both my primary and secondary school education in Warri, before proceeding to Auchi polytechnic where I studied Engineering. I am married with children.


I am the first son in a family of four. My parents are Christians. My mother is still alive; she is a pastor even at her old age so I was practically born and brought up in a Christian home but unfortunately, when I entered secondary school, things changed drastically. I was in Urhobo college high school, Effurun, Delta State as a boarding student. In that school, I met with some friends and so, some of those Christian virtues I was taught at home, disappeared. The bible says in 1st Corinthians 15:33, “Evil communication corrupts good manners.”  This played out because the friends I had in school then were no more Christians and so, I started getting involved with them – we would go to club even while we were in the hostel, we would go outside the school premise; at that tender age, all our focus was alcohol and women- it was an all-male school and very notorious. By the time I got into the higher institution, it had become worse. And unfortunately, there was no check. Nobody came to school to check who I was, or how I was living so I had a field day being a new person.

A very close friend of mine in school then, introduced me to cult activities. I had always been a very violent person so being a member of a secret cult made it worse. I became extremely very violent! However, one thing that played out all through this encounter was my mother. I have written about eighteen books and I also have programmes on Radio, Television, and on Cable. One of the things that played out and helped me tremendously was my mother. My mother never gave up on me!

I would drink, club, and do all sorts but she never gave up on me! She believed God for my life and she never stopped praying for me.

On one occasion, I was returning from a party in Okpella, very close to Auchi, in Edo State. Prior to that day, someone had told my mum to pray for me against the Spirit of death claiming that I may not see the end of that year but then, I didn’t take the warning serious; I wasn’t even a Christian so I stuck to my way of life and so I honoured the invite to that party in Okpella.

When we set out for the party, the car we were to go in, refused to start but we pushed it. Immediately the car started, we jumped in but then, it stopped again and I said, “If I have to push this car to Okpella, so be it!” and that was how we did all we could until we got to the party.

Around 1:30a.m, I insisted I was going back to Auchi because I was to write a test in the morning. After a lot of argument, my friends resolved to take me back to Auchi and they planned to return to the party afterwards.

We set out for Auchi on a very high speed. Unknown to us, a car was parked at Jattu junction and so we ran into it. Instantly, our car started to somersault. Now a unique thing- when talking about mothers, while our car was somersaulting, my mother was on her knees by her bed because she sensed that something was wrong somewhere with me and so she was asking God for mercy.

I saw my spirit leave my body as the car somersaulted, and it did for a long time but stopped abruptly by the fence of Faith Foundation specialist hospital. My head crashed and for many years now, my hair has refused to grow; I passed out! It was around 2:30am. I was taken straight into the hospital theatre and while the doctors were trying to remove the glass which had affected my brain, I jerked back to life!

I was very popular in the cult, and when you get to that point as a cult member, there is a tendency for you to be pursued. I was very popular in schools; there were some very terrible things that I did. When a job was very difficult, I did it but I was never caught for once because I had a praying mother who constantly asked God to have mercy on me.

I witnessed a lot of deaths- deaths of very close friends who were killed in the same room I stayed. On one occasion, five minutes before those who wanted to kill me got to my room, I just felt something tell me to leave and I did. By the time they got there, I was gone. People used to say I disappear but no, it was my mother’s prayers. You see, if a child will succeed in life, it’s a function of the prayer of the mother, not the father. In the spirit realm, mothers have authority over their children more than the father. Certainly, if you are in secret cult, you will go to native doctors. I went to so many native doctors that I almost became one. I went to a shrine in Ife, and I spent days there…


Yes! And for protection. We would go to Alfas, native doctors etc. but I found out that none of them ever asked for my father’s name; they only asked me for my mother’s name. And that made me know that that’s the power house!

My mother used to say something, “I did not eat anybody’s child, so nobody will eat mine.” I come from a family of witches. There are more witches than normal people in my family. When I went to Ife, I went to stay in the shrine of the head of the witches there. On another occasion, I went with a friend of mine who is late now, for power against gunshots. The remedy was made and put inside a goat, the goat was shot but nothing happened to it. When it was my turn to take the medicine, I said to the native doctor- it was in Sapele then, I said, “I have seen a lot of people charmed that were killed with the charms in their body, please let me know before I do my own if it will work for me.”

The native doctor said, “Sometimes these charms leave the body.” So I asked again, “How will I know that the charm has left my body if I am face to face with a gun?” He couldn’t convince me so I refused his charm but my friend did his own. He was later killed! You see, when you do charms against gunshots, you will always find yourself where gun is used. If you do charms against cutlass, you will always find yourself fighting with cutlass, and bottles. I am so grateful to God because over time, He has taught me a lot of lessons as I began to grow in the knowledge of His word. Jesus assured us that the Holy Spirit will be with us forever; that He will never leave nor forsake us unlike the native doctor who says his charm can leave one’s body. There is no lasting guarantee in what they have.

And so I continued to commit all kinds of atrocities as a secret cult member in Lagos, Benin, and all other places. I remember on another occasion, as a graduate, I went back to school to attend a cult activity. I was spending the night at a place called Cemetery road when some rival cult group members came visiting because they found out I was around. They were always on the lookout for me because I was really on top of the game and so, they came looking for me in the middle of the night.

The building I was in was suddenly surrounded!

They didn’t even bother to break the door; they went straight for the walls. They were almost three hundred in number. They took me to the burial ground to kill me. They had by then started using their axes on me- my legs, hands, body etc. They were already cutting me. I was certain that my end had come but something strange happened.

They captured me around 1a.m and tortured me till 3a.m when confusion struck amongst them. Some wanted me killed while some surprisingly didn’t. They were all armed so how many could I have fought? While they argued, my mother was also awake to pray because the next day, she called me to ask if I had been in some kind of trouble the previous night but I told her there was nothing of such. She said she saw me running towards her room, and I was shouting “Mummy help me! Mummy, help me!” So she got up and started to pray. That was exactly the same time I was held captive at the burial ground. God sent his angels to my rescue! Suddenly, there was a loud sound of police siren blowing all over the burial ground; terrible fear overtook my captors and they all fled the venue leaving me all alone, there. Normally cultists aren’t so afraid of the police because they have more sophisticated weapons so why should they be afraid of the police? However, in an incomprehensible way, fear took over the cemetery, and those who wanted to kill me ran away leaving me in the pool of my blood.

I managed myself to the General Hospital at Auchi. One of the doctors there was my friend; he was a cultist too so I went to his quarters because I couldn’t go into the hospital in my condition.

By then I had lost so much blood and there was a lot of alcohol in my body so anesthesia couldn’t be applied but my wounds must be stitched. I just asked for a bottle of brandy and I drank about half of it then the surgery began. He stitched about nine places- four in my head, and five in my legs.

You see, God has a plan and a purpose for everyone He created. About two years ago, God told me something. He said, “The process of conception might be faulty, but the product of conception is not faulty.” There’s no body alive that is useless; even if the child is a product of rape. There is no body that steps his/her foot on earth without the knowledge of God but the parents must be able to nurture, and also guide that child on the altar of prayer. Many people are destroyed today because nobody was standing in the gap for them in the place of prayer.

I was a buccaneer; a hectic and an active one. I was a logo! I made sure I committed atrocities everywhere I went to in those days but God has His plans for me.

I entered Believer’s love world for the first time in 1989 because I was chasing a girl. You would never catch me in church then but because there was no other way to access this girl, I followed her to her fellowship to make her happy.

Probably I could have surrendered my life to Christ that day but I didn’t.

I didn’t because of a problem that is prevalent in the church today. There are too many fake Christians everywhere. A lady who I knew very well and whose escapades were open to me was the one on the pulpit. She was my neigbhour off-campus and I knew her boyfriend who used to come from Benin then, and who was sleeping with her. Her room was besides mine so I heard and saw all their sexual activities; it was just a wall that separated our rooms. I found out that she was the assistant pastor of that fellowship. I was so angry I left the place immediately!

She was a highly immoral person so I couldn’t understand how someone who was playing the same game as I was could pray for me. I left the place and I continued with my lifestyle until I had an encounter that brought me to Jesus.

So someone wants to ask, “Is God really real?!” Oh yes! He is! And there’s no doubt about that. I’ve seen manifestations of His power. I’ve gone to native doctors before. I’ve also gone to Alfas so I know who I believe.

I found out that their powers are not real. The only real power is the Holy Spirit. If I have any regrets today, it is that I did not serve God on time.

Am I enjoying Salvation?! Oh yes I am! Are there challenges? Yes, there are. Christianity is not absence of trials; it’s just an assurance of victory. That Jesus is in your boat is not a guarantee that there will not be storm. In fact, there will be storm when Jesus is in your boat; there will be more storms everywhere but one thing is certain, He promise to always be with you and that is a certainty!

We presently run a programme tagged ZERO TOLERANCE TO SECRET CULT ACTIVITIES, DRUG ABUSE AND SEXUAL IMMORALITY. It is a campaign that has been running for some time now. We were at the University of Lagos and about 540 people gave their lives to Christ. I cried! I cried because 20 years ago, I was at the same UNILAG as a cult leader. As a matter of fact, I was shedding blood from the gate and 20years later, I was back in that same school to tell the students to steer clear of cultism. I was there to lead them to Christ! I was there to make them see that all secret cults are satanic organization with no benefits. They are highly demonic and evil. And God has been helping us to spread the message. There are challenges but they are surmountable; God has been faithful through it all. Someone heard me preach on radio against cult activities, he called me and said he wants to give his life to Jesus. He said he wasn’t just a secret cult member but also an assassin; that’s what he was doing for a living.


Yes! I was raised in a Christian home.


Well, it’s not as if the teachings from home were not good. You see, the scripture says in the book of Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Those trainings I received at home are helping me now but you see, the scriptures cannot be broken. The word of God says in 1Corinthians 15:33, “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” It didn’t say bad manners, it says good manners. That’s what evil communication does. You are as good as your association; and no matter how spiritual you are, if you don’t watch the friends you keep; it will be just a matter of time before you will be grounded.

My father as a person was too gentle for my liking. It was a very strange thing to compare me with him because we were too opposite; he was very quiet. If you asked my father to give you one of his shirts, he would give you his trouser along with it. Meanwhile, there was a way you would look at me that could lead you into big trouble with me.

There are many women today whose marriages are in trouble because they keep hearing information from the wrong person. You can ask genuine question but ask the wrong person and you will get the wrong answer. Your life will follow the direction of your most predominant thoughts. I have written books on the mind. The mind is so powerful. The Bible says in Proverbs 4:23 “keep your heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” When the devil wants to destroy a destiny, he uses friends and when God wants to help you, He will use friends too so one must be careful with the kind of friends one keeps. Your children’s friends should be monitored.

I went to minister in a church sometimes ago, and the pastor asked that I spoke to a lady who has a troubled 11years old daughter. I found out from the girl that she was a member of a lesbian group in her school. This is a school owned by a Christian. The little girl said to me, “My mum always told me not to play with boys but she never told me not to play with girls.”

I told her playing with girls is worse. It is natural for a man to be attracted to a woman but it is demonic to be attracted to same sex as you. Opposite sex attraction becomes the works of the flesh when it becomes excessive but same sex attraction is downright demonic.

There were some things our parents didn’t tell us because they believed they shouldn’t say such to us as children but when we go out there, somebody outside is waiting to teach us and even watch us do those things.

The girl’s mother believed her 11years old daughter was too young to be taught against lesbianism but someone out there got her enlisted in the lesbian club.

In my own case, I was the eldest son and neither of my parents prepared me for what I met out there. The only thing my mother and father knew was the bible. They knew nothing outside the bible and they never said anything outside the bible but there are information you need to know about the world because that child of yours would not be living inside the bible but in the world. Perhaps If I was told about cult activities before I went to school, perhaps I could have been careful but I wasn’t told; nobody said anything about it.

I was not prepared for life outside my father’s house. My father didn’t prepare me for life outside his immediate environment; that’s where the problem emanated from. That’s where I erred! My principal undoing was the friends I kept when I got out there.


You see, God has been so merciful to me. There is an activity we carried out in the cult when I was there, it was very bad. We called it ‘Passover.’


Yes, Passover. So we were in a room sleeping and all of a sudden, around 3 to 4a.m, my mother again was praying, somebody came and touched me and said, “wake up and leave here now!” I woke up and told my friends, “Let’s leave here. I sense there is death.” They laughed at me and replied, “Why should we leave? We have a lot of guns here so why should we be running away?” So we were arguing but by the mercies of God, it was made urgent upon me to move so I left them in the room. They were attacked five minutes after I left the building.

So I went to the University of Benin to mobilize cult people for revenge but the person who was to assist us with money got to his class and found out he was to write a test. As a final year student, he couldn’t forgo his test so I got delayed and I was very mad at him.

I didn’t know the situation in school had changed but God, again, in His infinite mercies, ensured that this guy wrote an emergency test. When he came back, I was mad at him and as I was vibrating, another friend came from Auchi to tell me that my friend was dead. He had been killed and his killers were looking for me. I immediately left Benin and ran to my late grandmother in Sapele, from there, I went to Agbor, and from Agbor, I disappeared.

One of those days, I was tired and I decided to go visit the head of the secret cult in Sapele with the intentions of getting free beer and pepper soup. As I got to cemetery road, the police rounded me up. A woman in the vehicle that day claimed I was part of the gang that earlier robbed at Olympian market. In fact, she said I was the head of the gang. In those days, when the police caught any robber, they killed instantly but again, God’s mercies prevailed.

They were taking me to their station when one of the corporals advised the inspector that since I said I was not part of the gang, they should take me back to the scene of the crime to get a second opinion. Well I thank God because God is everywhere at the same time but the devil is not! The devil is limited by time and space; he sometimes depends on information from demons and most of them can be faulty.

Immediately we got to crime scene, the inspector called another woman and asked if I was part of the robbers and she said no. That was how I was saved once again!

There are many people today who are in prison or have been killed for offences they did not commit.

So I came to Lagos but still continued with my lifestyle.

In the compound I stayed, there was an elderly woman who attends Deeper Christian Life Bible Church. While I lived in that compound, I was involved in all kinds of illegal activities, I was making a lot of money, I was drinking heavily and I also had a lot of girls around me so I was stunned when the woman walked up to me and invited me to her church’s three days camp meeting. What effrontery!? What was she thinking about? How could she come and say such to me? I couldn’t comprehend why she would invite me to her church. I mean, she stayed in the same compound, she was aware of how I lived, I was rejected by everyone and yet, she extended an invitation to me.

The more I thought of it, the more I felt I should honour her invitation.

I felt I could use it as a time to rest; probably assume it would be my vacation after all it was going to be free car and free food for me. More so, I felt I could even see pretty girls to hang out with in their church so I followed her. Her husband was there too and I was so amazed at the kind of love they showered on me.

I was teaching somewhere and I said, “There’s more love in the secret cult than in the church. The reason the cult is still standing today is because the love among cult members is amazing; they will take very good care of you if you are ever stranded.

As Christians, rather than for us to show love, we pray. Someone comes to you that he is hungry, you have three thousand naira in your pocket, and instead of giving out of that, you hold the hands of the man and say, “May the Lord bless you. May the Lord provide for you!” Why not start with what you have in your own pocket?!

My neighbour and her husband showed me so much love I was wondering if they didn’t know my lifestyle.

Don’t they know I was a bad person? Why are they treating me like this? They gave me money to buy books and tapes so much that I had a lot of materials to feed on after that camp meeting.

Not quite long after then, a friend came from Warri and asked me to go back with him. You know, when you don’t have anything concrete doing, you will be taken along by the one who has so I followed my friend and that was how I met Bishop S.O Gbakara.

As I stepped into his office, he looked at me and said, “It is time!” He said God has been merciful to me and I should stop taking His mercies for granted.

I looked back, and I remembered a time the police arrested me, put me in the booth of their car and drove round Lagos. And all of a sudden, they received a call that smugglers were coming so they rushed towards Festac town. The head of the team asked that they brought me out of the booth but one of the officers refused so the leader got angry that his subordinate questioned his authority and out of annoyance, the leader turned to me and he said, “Hey young man! You are discharged and acquitted.”

So when the servant of God said that to me, I understood what he meant and I gave my life to Christ.

Bishop S.O Gbakara is a great servant of God. Under him, I saw true Christianity. I saw manifestation of God’s power. I saw unconditional love. You see, love attracts, but hatred does not. Unfortunately, today, Christians, with their prayers, tend to kill too many people and we take it as a delight. All of our prayer is to kill and kill and kill, so the heart of love is gradually going. Once you want to confront somebody and the first word that comes out of your mouth is, “YOU ARE A SINNER! IF YOU DIE, YOU WILL GO TO HELL FIRE!” the person will react but when you show love, you destroy his guard and he becomes vulnerable. Everyone is vulnerable to sincere love not pretense.

I remember someone telling me to give my life to Christ in Auchi so I asked him what I would use if I gave it and he said I would go to hell fire if I did not. I was furious. I shouted at him, “You have the effrontery to come to my house to tell me this kind of rubbish!? Is your father the gateman in hell? Let him come and take me there. Now, get out of this place. Let God change your life. Look at your shoes! Let God change your life first before He changes my own!” That was my reaction!

So I attended all their programmes; even their baptismal classes. He taught me so many things, gave me cds, and I started studying the bible; that’s how I grew and returned to Lagos.


No, I got married after I gave my life to Christ. If I got married while I was still in cult definitely I would have married the wrong person. I was rolling with club girls while I was in cult. That does not mean that every girl you see in the church is a saint. You see, I was a youth leader before I gave my life to Christ. I was a youth leader in my aunt’s church. I would come to church on Sundays as a youth leader but in the night, I would go to secret cult.

I was very active as a youth and you know, when you are active in church, they give you position. In our churches now, most of our pastors are blind. The bible says in Isaiah 42:19 “Who is blind but My servant, or deaf as My messenger whom I send? Who is blind as he who is perfect, and blind as the Lord’s servant?” That’s why we have more witches in the choir and as ushers than outside because the church is very blind. I was doing illegal businesses; but I was also giving them money for church projects. Those that killed Jesus rejected some money but today, we have pastors who receive every money because they are desperate to occupy the earth. I am so grateful to God that I met Bishop Solomon Gbakara who nurtured, trained and taught me the word of God.


Gospel Mission, Warri, Delta State


Yes. I had just come to Lagos then, and I was staying with my aunt. That was around 1993/94.


I was not a Christian then. I was just very active in church.


Remember I was staying with my aunt then; I wasn’t staying alone. I would go to church then hang around with friends in LASU with whom I would ‘carry’ girls and when I’m done, I would go back home. I remember a situation when programmes clashed. The youth church had a programme and the secret cult was also having one in Ughelli; on the very same day. It was the youth week and there was going to be a vigil but there was also an instruction from the cult that a member was getting married and we were all expected to be there.


I chose the cult activity. I was just going to church then; it wasn’t as if I understood what they were doing there. So we left Lagos around 9p.m that night and we got to Ughelli around 1a.m completely drunk.

You see, I went to a lot of churches and I found my type in ‘leadership’ positions there so it gave me a false hope that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Now, I have come to understand that there is no perfect church, and that the church is not for perfect people, alone. You will always find all kinds in the church. Anywhere you go, you will always see your kind. To the impure, nothing is pure. You’re always attracted to people of your kind. If you’re somebody who drinks if you enter into any church in Nigeria, very soon you will see your kind.

However, as Christians, we must try as much as possible to live what we preach. We are the bible that people read. So that’s how I gave my life to Christ and since then, it keeps getting better.


Alright, let me put it this way. Let me say there is more care amongst cult members; and believe me, it is genuine care.

You see, when a man is drowning, and someone stretches a hand to rescue him, he does not ask the person whether he is a Muslim, a Christian, or a pagan before receiving the hand. His first instinct is safety. Jesus says in John 13:35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” not if you put on Christian jersey or you put up a big auditorium.

Remember the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke Chapter 10? The Priest passed the man, the Levite did too but the Samaritan had compassion on the man, and the bible records that he helped him. Jesus then asked, “Who showed him love?” The bible used the Samaritan; the Samaritan is someone who is not among the Levites; he is not a Priest, it is possible he doesn’t even have anything to do with God but he was the one who showed love the most. There is genuine care in the secret cult. What you preach is not what will keep your church members with you; it is the genuine love you show to them that will.

If I need a job as a secret cult member and I walk into a bank where another member is the M.D, I get the job straight!

There are sermons, sermons everywhere. Let’s begin to live what we teach. The Bible says in Acts 1:1, “… of all that Jesus began both to do and teach.” Note that Jesus began to do first before teaching it. So if we do more of the teaching and we even talk less, we will make more impact.

Do you know that if I was still in cult today and I want to christen my baby, and I don’t have any money, members would rally round me and ensure the ceremony is a success?

A church member- a very active one at that, died and no member of his church went with his family to bury him? They said the place was too far. Can you imagine?! From Ojodu here to the East? Too far? Forget it! That would never happen in the cult! So do you understand what I meant?

When they heard that my wife lost her mother, that was well after I had left the cult, they gathered themselves together and came to give their support.

Am I campaigning for them? No!

The church must get it right if not so; people will leave their legs in the cult and just use the church as their umbrella. There are many people you see in church today who are still in cult. As a pastor, I have heard so much. I have spoken to girls having issues in their marriage. One said to me, “Pastor Elo, I have strong regards for you. I am a member of secret cult but my husband does not know.”

They are scared of leaving because they are unsure of what they will meet outside that comfort zone the cult has created for them.

Sometimes, what someone needs during a challenge is a telephone call. I write tracts. I have written about six different titles that we distribute all over Lagos and about sixteen other states. A young man was on his way to commit suicide when he received the last tract in the bus. He took it, read it and called me weeping. I invited him to my office and today, the Lord has restored him and he is in America now. He is doing extremely well. All he needed was a word!


Yes! The church must get it right.


You are welcome.

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